About Spork Fine Art

Back in 1992, we started Spork with one purpose in mind - to draw out of your head. We loved drawing. We were good at it. And we were finding clients who either couldn’t draw or didn’t have time to do it themselves. Early on, we would occasionally do design work, branding, page layout, web design, and other related stuff. But as we matured (no giggling), we realised - or re-realized - that drawing was our thing. And our clients agreed. Now, many moons later, (over 10,000!), we finally decided it was time to share our years hard work and creative energy by offering beautiful and museum quality prints and so Spork Fine Art was created.

About the Artists

Dominic LaRiccia

After graduating with a BFA in illustration from Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), Dominic worked as a freelance illustrator before joining forces with Drew in 1992 to help build the Spork that you see before you today. Although trained with traditional media, including graphite, charcoal, coloured pencil, watercolour, acrylic and oil paints, Dominic soon feel in love with digital methods as well, and found himself in various creative roles that contributed to Spork’s rise as a jack of all trades in the visual creative industry.

Since his first job with Drew, Dominic imaginative spirit, diversified skill set, fondness for collaboration, and chronic insomnia, have helped him maintain an unwavering passion for the creative process that informs his role as co-owner and Creative Director of Spork. Dominic’s work earned him membership into the Society of Illustrators (S01) in 2013, as well as being featured in ‘The Show’, S01 Illustrators 55. He’s also been featured in Communication Arts Magazine, Illustration annuals, and on his mothers’ fridge.

Away from spork, Dominic is passionate about weightlifting, playing basketball, watching movies and breakdance fighting. He is a die-hard Cleveland sports fan, which is mad unfortunate. He love to read and tries to still find time to go to live comedy shows. Dominic is finally at an age that when he jokingly brings up the possibility of getting some cosmetic surgery, nobody makes an effort to talk him out of it. He also has a 4 pound chihuahua named Chico and they are thinking about getting matching jean jackets.

about the artist

Drew Robinson

Drew has been drawing since before he could talk. He’s better at drawing, but he still talks a lot. He attended Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), majored in illustration, and as fate would have it, met Dominic. He realised immediately that Dominic found him annoying. Drew was as gifted a draftsman, as he was a terrible student. Somehow, in 1991 he was awarded an animation internship with Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida, where he had the honour of working on Beauty and the Beast. Not joking, that actually happened.

With a hireable status from Disney, he defied all logic, and started Spork Design. Drew was intent on becoming the world’s greatest illustrator, but he also had bills to pay. In a moment of clarity, he reached out to Dominic, who reminded him he wasn’t very good at the whole business thing. Drew loves spending time with his loving wife and two wonderful daughters, especially when they can agree on what programs to watch. After surfing thousands of options, they end watching the same Youtube process videos of power-washing, hoof trimming and toaster restoration.

Drew was an avid rock climber, mountain biker, rollerblader, snowboarder, and was working out so often he was never not in sweats. He used to travel, eat at nice restaurants, and not get fat. Now he is very content just drawing in his basement studio. He keeps telling himself he will get back in shape. He enjoys drawing weird characters on his iPad, despite his busy television schedule. He enjoys long walks in Costco, Bob’s Burgers, and taking his 13 year old Yorkie out to poop at 3am He lives a full life.